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Spare parts supplied to mine maintenance contractors and engineers who supply them to mines around Australia and overseas.
  • Spare parts for various machinery
  • Trolley wheels, Axles, Wear Plates, Bronze bearings
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Glands, Caps, Trunions
  • Rock Drill parts reverse engineered


OEM and aftermarket parts for rolling stock.
  • Ore Wagons - Pins, Bushes, Toggle
  • Well Wagons – Centre Plate, Latch, Pins, Lever, Pulley
  • Abrams Tank flatbed – Centre Plate
  • General – Brake line Flanges/Nuts, Hand wheel/Shaft
Metal Processing

Our customers supply Steel, Aluminium, Zinc and Lead processing plants.
Made to drawings supplied by the customer.
  • Oxygen Injection - Copper Seal
  • Joint Ring, Special Bolts, Spring Stem
  • Pins, Bearings, Bushes, Pulleys
  • Retaining Plates, Flanges, Wear plates
We know you need:

  • Dependable delivery date
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Material certificates
  • Fair pricing