Parts for production facilities.

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Parts and Assemblies for Production Equipment.
OEM components for your products.

OEM components – Larger Batches

We understand that when you require components for your product, price is the driving factor but quality is not to be compromised.
Higher volume jobs can justify innovative planning and investment to reduce cycle times and manufacturing costs.

  • Proven track record. E.g. plastic water meter internals and bronze castings, Aluminium Spotlight parts.
  • Flexible capacity – room to expand with addition machines or processes. Extra shift available.
  • Adaptable systems and people to meet your quality checking standards.

Manufacturing Plants. New & Replacement Parts
There are several reasons why manufacturers with processing plants buy their replacement parts from Kennewell CNC Machining;

  • Genuine parts are too expensive or unavailable.
  • Unacceptable lead time from overseas supplier.
  • Improvements can be made over the original design, materials or geometry.
  • Buy Australian company policy.
  • Food Processors, Bottling Plants, Automotive