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Kennewell CNC Machining is transforming.
No longer just a competitive machine shop making agricultural parts for the lowest price.
As the economy changes, so does our customer base.
We now serve over 100 customers from many industry sectors and always welcome more.

Motorsport Customer: Import Replacement.

You may be better to have your products manufactured in Australia.
The added bonus is you can modify the design and make it your own.
We have several customers doing this.                                                                                                    

Pre Production prototypes for swiss turn jobs.

Even if the part is unsuitable for us to machine in production batches, we are happy to machine the prototypes.

Private Citizens.

We are always willing to help anyone who has a need, even if it is just a 1 off restoration project.
We can usually give a cost estimate within minutes of seeing the job so you can decide if it is viable or needs more thought.

Light Fittings, Wheelchair parts, Brass Bed Knobs, Vintage wheel nuts & Studs.

Mechanics, Fitters and Farmers.

Spare parts can be very expensive.
If you are planning a rebuild of a machine & have sample parts, you can save a lot of money by getting us to manufacture your parts for the project.

If you require a customer reference, please contact brett@kennewell.com for a referee in your industry.